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WorkReady summer 2020 participants

WorkReady Summer Programs

Find your WorkReady summer opportunity! Enter your age, zip code, work experience and/or areas of interest to find matching programs and apply online.

Programs Offered

UAC’s Summer Youth Employment Program provides paid summer job opportunities and valuable work experience to youth ages 14-18 through the WorkReady program. This six-week program provides career exposure, on-the-job mentoring and professional development. UAC’s youth participants have the opportunity to explore a range of career tracks, including Finance, Banking and Investing, Science and Technology, Civics and Social Justice, Entrepreneurship and Business, and the Creative and Expressive Arts
Zip codes:
Work experience:
Intermediate (Wage)
This program has limited capacity left
This program is taking city-wide referrals. Use code WRS59 to apply.
The WesGold Fellows program, of VestedIn (formerly WPFSI), is an 8-week paid internship for high school youth focused on personal and professional development, through financial literacy, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Our Fellows benefit from an experiential learning curriculum that allows them to put their education into action. Each week is dedicated to workshops, field trips, and training. Every Fellow is eligible for a savings match from VestedIn of up to $2,000!
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Work experience:
Innovation Accelerator (Either Incentive or Wage depending on program)
Vaccine required:
This program is available
This program is taking city-wide referrals. Use code WRS61 to apply.